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Do you just charge an hourly rate?

We do have an hourly rate for clients that would rather just pay as they go. However, we recommend considering a managed services contract; this allows our clients to know exactly what their IT/Technology costs will be each month while ensuring their systems are always monitored and up to date.

Where are you guys located?

Our office is based in Clarksville, IN. However, we typically come to wherever the customer is. We serve clients as far away as Elizabethtown, KY, and Lexington, KY. Fortunately we have remote access that allows us to do much of our work without having to be onsite. If there is an issue that requires us to be onsite, we’ll dispatch one of our technicians immediately.

Do you just fix broken computers?

No, we can do so much more than that. We are able to provide whatever level of service a client may want. Some clients just want us to respond when something isn’t working right. However, we have found the best solution for most clients is our managed services package, which allows us to monitor and proactively repair many issues that arise on systems before the users even notice.