Data Backup

File storage solutions that guarantee protection and availability for your critical documents

Even with expert care and ongoing maintenance, your computers, servers, and network systems will still break at some point. When they do, every piece of sensitive information stored in your hardware will become irretrievable.

C3 Tech understands how dependent you've become on your software apps and data. Our backup solutions are developed to keep up with that demand. Whether you’re facing malicious threats, hardware failures, mother nature, or State and Federal regulations, C3 Tech offers comprehensive backup solutions that suit your needs and budget.

“We’ll make sure your company survives data loss events with real-time backups, secure cloud storage, and state-of-the-art recovery tools.”

Benefits of Data Backup solutions from C3 Tech include:

  • Comprehensive backup strategies for your critical business files
  • Peace of mind knowing your company will remain fully operational during and after disasters
  • Thorough analyses of your business to reveal inefficiencies and improve your operations
  • Procedures that give employees the skills and knowledge to react to and mitigate problems more effectively
  • Greater data security with our remote data centers and encryption tools