Cloud Services

Improve data and application accessibility, network security, and business efficiency

Forward-thinking businesses are leveraging cloud technology to save money, improve collaboration, and streamline tedious work processes. Best of all, the cloud enables mobile employees to access corporate files and work from wherever they desire, as long as they have an internet connection.

C3 Tech’s cloud services will completely transform your daily operations. When you migrate to our secure, off-site cloud data centers, you’ll be able to access documents and applications from anywhere, anytime. We have our own in-house servers so you can expect the utmost in security and data integrity. We also offer Hardware as a Service (HaaS), virtualization solutions, and full support for Microsoft Office 365.

“Our specialists will assess your current IT infrastructure and determine your business objectives. Then they’ll propose the best cloud solutions for your needs and budget.”

Benefits of C3 Tech’s Cloud Services include:

  • Enhanced collaboration through better data and application accessibility
  • Improved productivity by minimizing the workarounds your employees use daily
  • Better security through advanced encryption and permission access controls
  • Powerful cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365
  • Guaranteed SLAs and detailed performance reports